Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tuesday happenings

Here's what I'm requesting for Valentines day! YES, a pair of shoes that I'm really loving! These MaryJanes are from Zappos and look super comfortable. I can't wait to get them.
At lunch time I scored the most perfect PINK vintage-like half slip. (At TJ Maxx) You know the kind that really looks like its been around with the most beautiful delicate lace on the bottom. And it was NEW!! It was such a steal. I will show you pictures, when I take them.
Tomorrow I start my YOGA class, YIKES!!!! I'm the worst when it comes to any form of exercise. Though I admit when I took the classes last year I absolutely loved them. The problem is sticking with it once the class ends. That's always the problem, right? And the class is offered through work on-site, so I'm not too thrilled about embarrassing myself infront of people I might have to see again. Oh well.

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