Thursday, May 01, 2008

Preview---My first tote ever!!!

So this is kind of a preview. This first tote is for my daughter. BUT the other's for the shop will be similar, and each unique.

This canvas tote is screenprinted on each side with one of my original drawings....
*I further embellished with various purple buttons,
*embroidered the words Rain Girl in purple,
*added some purple fabric coloring to the rain drops and puddles....
*used a silk tie for one handle...
*and added a little note tag.
(not sure exactly how I will embellish the one's for the shop) .. and the other side will still have the Rain Girl screen printed but no other embellishments.

I took these photos at night so the lighting wasn't the best.
But take a peek.

Back side with Rain girl only (below)

I actually 'borrowed' her tote today to carry some magazines to work! shhhhh!!! don't tell on me.

1 comment:

boopsiedaisy said...

In looooove with your tote! My baby daughter's name is Sadie Rain so I am always on the lookout for anything rain themed for her room. Will have to keep a super close eye on your work & on your shop! :)