Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hello Spring! Mama's back...

Hello Spring! Who invited 'Snow' to my party!!! What the H@!! Really. Yesterday, inches of snow.So done with you. Didn't I make that clear when I put away( lost) my gloves. Uggh.
And more snow to come tomorrow supposedly.
Here's my girl with her Nike back pack. This was part of the awesome goodie-bag from my visit to Haddad here...remember? Well I really thought it would be a great overnight bag. Because it has wheels and it is pretty HUGE for a backpack. But when she saw it, she fell in LOVE with it! And wasn't hearing that. It's her favorite color, Hot Pink! And she loves the wheels. She was begging me. Everyday. For about 4 days straight. And then day number 5, I gave in. So what if it covers half of her body LOL!
To be honest, sometimes with all the stuff they have in those school bags ... she might need those wheels.

And the back pack she had before this which we got from Children's place fell apart already!!! So I can tell this one is super sturdy!

Check this out....today while just getting home walking up the stairs we noticed our 1st flower! How crazy! I don't think it will last through the next 2 days..it's so pretty though!

(Levi's and Nike: can be found at Macy's or JCPenney)

Here (above) I was draggin little J to the store with me, when I asked for a pic since she happens to be in her Levi T and Jeans. I love those jeans...they have a tailored leg, almost skinny with elastic on the bottom. Only an almost 8 year old could wear!

Well, my friends, since I've been away so long...I think it's only fair that I have a little giveaway...don't ya think? But it will have to be in the next post. You'll see why!

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