Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Sewing... but barely

Tonight I was hanging around and while looking at Cyrille's lovely Summer Poppy Napkins I thought of making a pillow out of two of them. Now you must know I have close-to-no sewing skills. I just never really learned. I did buy a lil $20. cheapy machine a couple months ago. It's a really sad one. But if you're stitching a straight line, it kind of works. So that's what I did.

You would think it's the simple-ist thing in the world to do. But geezz my stitches are crooked. And I had to hand stitch the knots, because this cheapy doesn't backstitch. But I still love my pillow. I also used the tablerunner along the back of the couch! It looks soo summery!!!

Here's the old pillow that gave up its stuffin..........
and the super cheapo sewing machine

Here it is........napkins turned pillow!

with the table runner draped across the sofa!

It was great practice and I had fun doing it. But until I take some sewing lessons, I think I am just going to order some real already made pillows from Cyril!!!

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