Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Tale of a house unloved....

We live in a home that my husband already lived in. So it has a history, we didn’t pick it out together, blah bla bla. You get the picture. We probably didn’t intend to stay, but things happened and the timing wasn't right to move. So even though I have been living there a good 5 years(and he much longer), I don’t feel I’ve made it into my home. Partly because I’ve always viewed it as temporary. But part of me feels I need to make THIS house into OUR home before we can move on. As if things won’t come together if I don’t do this. I know its crazy. But I think I have to be happy ‘where I am’ first before we can move on. I don’t know why, but I’m just convinced of this lately.

So I’ve decided to put some real focus on this house and energy into making it a home we love. And the positive thing will be, once we do that it will be ready if we did want to sell in the future. But in the day to day, we can come home to a place we enjoy!

Hopefully if I have the guts I will share some photos with you!!! Yikes.
I already have a list brewing in my head, so many things to do. I'm a woman with a mission!!!

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