Sunday, December 30, 2007

oooh I almost forgot to tell you........

about one of my Christmas gifts! My sis bought me a brandy new sewing machine!!! The pressure is on. But I'm sooo excited! It's sooo ironic that I would ever be excited about a sewing machine. I would have never thought so a few years ago.

stitch...stitch......ouch! haha... I better get lessons~

Hello, hello

So this is the first weekend where I actually don't have to run around and I don't know what to do with myself! Imagine that. Well, I've spent some time 'creating' a Valentine piece and I have a sick lil girl who needs some TLC. I could take down the tree but it seems too early, I'll wait till after the new year.

I'm looking forward to 2008 and many new things to come!! Wishing you a fun filled New Year's Eve!!!!

This is the new piece for your Valentine! It's titled 'Does LOVE grow on trees?'

Monday, December 17, 2007

In the works

EDIT: this is the updated finished pic. : )

This illustration I'm working on is inspired by my favorite lamp! As if you didn't know.

I still have to add a few more things... maybe some embroidery....hmmmm......... let's see.

Woof woof!

The 'Woof Woof' print can be found in the shop now.

Read it: NY Times article

There was a great article about ETSY in Sunday's (Dec16) NY Times magazine! I am going to see if anyone still has a copy today. But you can read it online here......

Great exposure for ETSY and it's sellers!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Art for him

This one is titled 'My guy', inspired by the endless search for holiday gifts for a man.
Will be in the shop as a print soon!

Hello rainy, snowy Thursday

I'm feeling much better. I've sorted through all the presents I bought so far, wrapped some, figured out whats left. So I feel like I know what I need now and that makes all the difference!!

I also worked on some art last night, which I love, love, love. It's great when you're in the moment and it just flows naturally, oh how we wish it be that way always.
I don't have a pic right now. But I'll upload tonight. It's actually an ART Piece for guys! It's not exclusive, but made with keeping the guys in mind.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Hi all.......I'm in such a shopping funk, if you can believe it. I'm just refusing to do it. The thought of the crowds just turns my stomach at this point. I know this is temporary and I will need to go back out and shop. But not now, not today, maybe not this week.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


I saw this piece of art while I was out shopping yesterday. I really like it! I snapped this pic with my cell. It says 'there is no such thing as small change'.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Pick your own presents.......

So do you ever pick your own presents for Christmas? Well, this year, with all the shopping I seem to be doing, I think I'm just going to consider them my x mas presents! Hey, makes it easy for the spouse.

So these amazing pillowcases are also from Dottie Angel. I cannot wait to get them, along with my tea towel.

And did you notice the embroidered cute and frisky!
One says 'feeling lucky' and the other pillowcase says 'try me'. : )

Weekend recap........

...reading December's Domino, of course...........

Well let's see........Friday was the lil dance recital which was soooo cute!!! I love watching all the little ones with their tutu's and happy faces. She did such a great job. Not shy at all, which was great. You just never know when that shy bug will show up. And we all went out for a bite to eat after.

My daughter's best friend and her family went to the same restaurant as well, so my lil chicky was just happy and silly as can be!! I took lots of photos.

Sat........went to visit my sister and kiddies who I haven't seen in many, many months. So it was Great to see them!! And that evening we went out to celebrate my sister-in-law's Bday, yum!

Sunday... as I mentioned, it was supposed to be all about 'doll making'. But I ended up sick in bed..all day!!!! All day. So nothing happened on Sunday. So that's still on my to do list.