Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tuesday ...Tuesday

Blogger is not awake yet.....just tried to post on Craving Anthropologie........not working. I'll be back

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Gibbous fashion house

A new find for me is Gibbous Fashion house. Actually found while browsing Ulla's blog.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Happy Wednesday!!!

This is one of my favorite vases!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Pinky Brown: Sunday Sneak Peek!

This was a lovely weekend for the beach. But no, I didn't go. All the peeps I tagged were too busy. But it's been a very crafty weekend, which is very exciting to me atleast.

So I want to give you a sneak peek, on something that's been in the works forever. You know that project that you work on, then put away, and bring back. Well it's just about ready to go and I wanted to share with my blog-friends!!

They don't have an official name yet...so we'll just call them "Pinky Brown TAGS" for the moment! They are tags that have many uses....it is a:






........................ All in one!!!

I like to think of it as the gift tag extraordinare!!!

Each tag is handcrafted from a playing card, hand cut, includes a lovely patterned paper(this one is Amy Butler) to write a name on or not, photo holders to insert picture, Magnetic backing, and topped off with a beautiful ribbon to tie!

I've made these over the years for friends baby showers, anniversary parties, dinner parties and more! I love to re-design new things from items we already have. And this is one of my favorites!
I'm just finishing up the packaging (trying to recycle) and then off to the shop they go.
Feel free to share your thoughts : )
EDIT: I didn't want to make this a super long post. But just some examples:
A....If you use this as a GIFT TAG, the recipient will then be able to keep as a PHOTO MAGNET
B...If you use them as PLACE CARDS for a dinner party, your guest will be able to take home as a PARTY FAVOR and use as a PHOTO MAGNET .(this is my favorite use)
C...They can also be used as ORNAMENTS during the holiday season!
D...They make for a perfect Birth Announcement!
I hope you love them as much as I do!!
Pinky Brown

Friday, July 13, 2007

Peek into the fashion designers world

Last night I found a channel on cable called NYCTV. The show was called 'Behind the Label'.
As I began to watch I was hooked.
here's their descrip---
Behind the Label
Step into the glamorous and exotic world of high style when you meet fashion's most influential and intriguing designers. Each episode profiles one top designer from the fashion and beauty worlds exclusively, detailing their rise to fame, philosophy of fashion, inspirations, current collections and much, much more. Behind The Label also takes viewers behind the scenes with a tour of the designer's private showroom or a walk through their stunning home.
I saw the one on Betsey Johnson ---'A conversation with Betsey Johnson. Called the wild child of fashion, Betsey Johnson has been rocking the fashion world with her youthful outlook and timeless clothing since the 1960’s. '
I always liked her quirky, independent, free spirit ways. She just seems like a real fun lady. And she was just as I imagined.
and then Isaac Mizrahi!! 'Fashion icon Isaac Mizrahi unzips all his secrets -- his biggest triumphs in fashion, the collapse of his empire and how he orchestrated the remarkable comeback that returned him to fashion's elite inner circle.
Loved Isaac! He just expresses himself so well. I felt like I was watching him sit and chat with a friend.
You must look to see if you get this show! It's awesome. I love peeking into their worlds.. even just for 30 minutes.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Shop updated...Hooray for Mini pages!

I know, sometimes I'm a bit of a snail.

These Mini-pages are now available in the shop. They are sold separately, that way you can mix and match as you choose.
Tonight I'm crafting.... I've had my coffee and I'm ready to go!!!

new Magazine!!!!!

Somebody stop me please!
Check out the cover artwork for a new magazine called Mixtapezine from Austrailia!
I just ordered it on etsy. It's coming out in August.
The artwork was done by Shannon from http://www.auntycookie.com/!!!! I swear I ordered this for the cover alone!
here's the description from ETSY----

will be available from August 12. Please place your pre-order now to ensure you don't miss our debut issue!Front cover artwork by Shannon (www.auntycookie.com)mixtape is a collision of craft, eco-cool and pop culture kitsch und drangissue 1 features articles such as:
eco tips for renters
dress up costumes for kids
5 ways to go green
best of etsy
making soap
craft 101
walnut & maple scrub
kids craft
slippers tutorial
positive parenting
trashy movies
yoga for kids
women's circus
5 for 5
and more

Made by Girl

I'm loving Jennifer's latest design for her tables! Her company is called Made By Girl and you can see more of her designs at her site or blog.
This one is my favorite!

Liz Lange on 'The Big Idea'...

(this photo is from LadiesWhoLaunch website) I had my camera, but couldn't bring myself to ask for a photo!

I was watching Donny Deutch's 'The Big Idea' a couple nights ago and Liz Lange was a guest. I love the show, he interviews entrepreneurs and they share their stories of how they got started, their struggles, advice, etc. I can't get enough.

Anyway..it was nice to see Liz on the show. I met Liz a couple years ago at a 'Ladies who Launch' event in NYC, she was one of the guest speakers. So we got to hear her story in person. I would describe her as very down to earth and real. She is very approachable and I love that in a person.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Cyrille Gulassa.........

While reading Bloesom's blog, I stumbled upon Cyrille Gulassa and clicked on through to her site. I believe she is in Austria. You must take a look. Her philosophy revolves around exhuberant living!!! Such a visual feast...beautiful things. I'm going to be in trouble this month!!!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Painting at Lake George

Have you ever heard of the artist Valery Tsarikovsky? Well my friend saw him painting on the streets of Lake George. She stopped to chat with him and even went to get her camera to snap some shots because she knew I would love it and I DO! He said he could let us know when he was painting in Central park and we could come out! How cool is that!
I was just there last weekend, one week too early.


Monday...lunch and magazines

My laptop is not my friend today, or maybe its just Blogger. It won't let me upload photos at the moment. Not that it's a terrible thing to have a post without one. But I'm very visual. I'd rather have a post with a picture and no verbiage than the opposite.

Anyway.... I just returned from lunch where I read some magazines and had the most delicious Italian strata from Barnes and Noble. It was sooo tasty!

Do you ever feel like life is way too busy lately. I know we all are. But I'm just craving a simpler life at the moment. Just to scale down a bit and enjoy the simple things.

well I'll post the photos later when I can.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Love this map!

Isn't this a cute Puzzle map! I saw this on HouseandGarden.com. They were really just talking about the climate and the plant hardiness zone, etc etc. I just want this puzzle map. Don't see any reference to where we could buy it. But I just skimmed through.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Reglazed silhouette plates

I totally want to do this!!!!!! Whenever I get that 25th hour in the day. No really, this I have to find time to do. Looks like so much fun!

From HGTV (I saw it on Black, White, Bliss)

'Green design expert Danny Seo shows how to turn old dishes into a decorative wall display with this fun and easy project. No kiln or any special tools are required, just a stack of old plates from the thrift store (or your cupboards), and a few supplies from a craft store. This project is an excellent example of resourcefulness and turning something ordinary into a thing of beauty.'

Go read the details.........you'll want to do it too.