Sunday, October 17, 2010

DIY Porcupine Quill Mirror.....

Well I can finally share my first Do-it-yourself attempt at the Porcupine Quill Mirror!!

Of course we should take one more look at the inspiration...remember it......*swoon* ...


I really fell in love with this mirror when I saw it. But I also knew at that price ($699.00) it would never be mine. The more I looked at it my brain started thinking...hey those quills sort of look like painted bamboo sticks...and so I got started.
Your supplies should include:
  • 149 bamboo sticks (usually 2 packs)
  • a round foam disc , 15/16 x 7 7/8
  • 10" mirror
  • black paint , Paint brush
  • glue gun
  • felt for backing (not a necessity, just hides the ugly foam)
  • leather strip for edging of mirror or ribbon
  • twine for hanging

    The most expensive part of this project is YOUR LABOR!!! The longest part of the project is the first part, painting your bamboo sticks. I must admit I totally messed up the first pack. I originally spray painted all the sticks a creamy white and was going to paint the stripes over it. BUT I didn't realize the white paint I had was waterproof and therefore the stripes would not adhere.... Oopsy.
1. Painting the bamboo sticks----Starting again...I just painted the black stripes on without using the creamy white base. This is just my impatience...I think the first step gives it more of a finished look. But from a distance you can't tell.
Yes YOU WILL be hand-painting the black stripes on. Place them sort of randomly...with the largest amount of black towards the bottom of the stick. You don't want them to match up exactly. I originally only used 100 sticks but today I added 45 more in and I think , 145 should be your minimum amount for this size.
Let them dry a couple hours.
2. Bamboo placement---Next I start to insert the bamboo into the foam. I suggest you make your hole by inserting the stick where you want it..then remove it and using your glue gun, apply glue to the bottom inch and re-insert to the hole you just made. You need the glue to keep the sticks from falling out. Insert, remove and glue each stick one at a time as you go.

I started first with the back layer, closest to the wall. I inserted those pretty straight like a sunburst. Then there's room for 2 more layers to the front. Those I started to angle forward only slightly. Be random and just use your eye to fill in the space.

3. Mirror- Then Glue the mirror on the front of the foam. I also glued a felt circle on the back to just cover the foam.

4. Hanging- I admit, thinking about hanging this puppy was an afterthought. I used twine around the circumference of the foam, inbetween the sticks. It's pretty rough looking...

5. Edging----Lastly, I used a strip of leather to place around the edges of the mirror. You can use ribbon or anything else you like. I think I would like a thicker piece of leather next time.

That's it!!! Not bad for under $15.00, I say! The finished mirror measures about 30 inches in diameter.

Warning........This project was not injury free. Getting bamboo under your fingernails and a sliver of glass in your hand......hurts like a mother.... But hey we are imitating porcupines after all!!!!!

But I will tell you this mirror should hang in an area that people will not bump into this!!!!

 If you are going to try it, send me your links I would love to see it! And post them. If you are not the DIY type but want one, email me : )

Post edit:  Here's how this mirror ended up- layered on top of another square mirror in the entry way.  This made for an ever greater visual impact.  Love it this way!

Weekend update..........

Not as much celebrating this weekend... since I have a sick little girl. We are going to the doc tomorrow.....hoping her fever will break.
Since I was housebound, I was able to work on a project I mentioned to you...remember the Porcupine mirror, well I finally worked on my DIY version. I'll share with you tomorrow when I can take pictures in daylight!!!!! I do love it.... it's not perfect, but it's perfect for me!

See you then!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Working Girl!!!!

Well it's official, I'm a working girl again!!! (or will be next week)I'm so thrilled to have a job again in these times, really... I feel lucky and thankful.

So...I will be working for a Brokerage firm again, (yes, my creative soul aches) in my ole' hometown of Jersey City. I'm so thrilled about that part. I love that area on the waterfront. Of course I don't live in town anymore or that would of been an awesome commute.
But I do get to look at the amazing NY City Skyline everyday!!!!!

Lots to do...getting ready. Need to get back in that whole groove again. But first some celebrating this weekend!!!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Lucky ....

Do you love Horseshoes like I do? There's just something about the shape and maybe their association with luck that I love.
Last night I wanted to make some fabric here's what I whipped up as I was watching the miners rescue on TV...(which was so inspiring to see, everytime they brought another miner up I was a little teary eyed)

Oh and how about this great little bar stool that I am currently using as a side table. I adore this metal and reclaimed wood look. It's my favorite recent purchase from Home goods.

Monday, October 04, 2010

October happenings.............

The 'little girl' wanted to make a haunted house. So one morning this weekend, we grabbed an empty tissue box, construction paper, glue and got started.

She drew and cut out all the bats, cats, pumkins, and ghosts. So very cute! I helped make the door, and the roof out of cardboard.

I love the end result. I think we might need a few more!!!