Friday, March 26, 2010

Subway art

Hello and Happy Friday!!! Even though the weather is a bit blah, chilly and rainy, who cares it's Friday!!!!
Don't you just love subway art? I do, this is a quick cell shot from the subway. I'll try to get more pictures of different pieces.... I didn't want to get trampled being the way of people trying to grab the train. Yeah, they're not to happy when you do that.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

on my desk...

I bought this 'Pineapple and Palm Leaf' candle from Anthropologie for my office. I don't actually light it, but it still smells so good! (It's made by Illume). And need I mention the beautiful tin itself!
They have others that are really pretty too, and I'm sure they smell just as good.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Missing!!!! Hayden Harnett umbrella!

Remember this Hayden Harnett umbrella, limited edition from Target. Yes, it was my absolute favorite, if you can have a favorite umbrella! It's gone and I am soo sad and mad!

I think someone swiped it. Such a bummer!!!!!! It is a very swipe worthy item, but still! It was mine and I want it back.
OK, I'm done whining, even though I could go on and on, I just had to get it out. sorry.

Amazon Kindle commercials!

I was over at BeachBunglow where Megan posted about those great Amazon Kindle commercials! Surely you've seen them too . She also posted this video of an interview with the creative and talented makers ....Angela Kohler and Ithyle Griffiths. It was great to hear them talk about how they entered this contest for Amazon and shot it within a day, having never before shot stop motion film, etc

See interview video here...........
I thought it was so inspiring, reminding me to take risks, try something new even if you've never done it before, take your idea and run with it!! You never know what can happen!

They also have a second commercial for Kindle

Angela blogs too.........go visit her!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Good Stuff!!

HELLO! HELLO! I didn't mean to skip out on you, but there is lot's happening. We unexpectedly put an offer in on a house and it was accepted!!!!! So if all goes well, as we expect and hope it will ....we will be moving! It's not far at all, next town over... : )
But I still have to get this home ready to sell.....along with the zillion other things that come along with this whole process.
So it's very exciting and exhausting!!! But mostly exciting!
By the way, I'm so glad Spring is coming! I already love that we moved the clocks ahead, I sooo appreciate having the extra daylight. I feel more productive! I know its a mental thing, but it works for me.
The lovely eye candy in these photos are from the Anthropologie SOHO's so nice to stroll through and see the displays. See the one above with the punch cards and strips of fabric, I love that idea for a backyard lounging area.

I promise to drop in and share what's happening, some crafty goodness and other cool stuff!!

PS--- please excuse my plain blog design and banner. It is under construction!