Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Just popping in to let you know that my wish for sunshine came true! Well, it was cloudy but the important part of no showers, is all I cared about. So happy about that. I think next year will be indoors though. The pony party was alot of fun! They had such a good time.
The day after the party which was her actual Bday, it was raining, but ironically we were happy . Because she wanted wear her new matching 'English Roses' Rain coat, boots, umbrella and test them out in the puddles! It was quite fun. I snapped a couple pictures, I'll try to share this week.

I can't believe I didn't take pics of the party favors, they looked so cute all together! I still have a couple at home.. I have to shoot. They were Tin buckets, filled with hay, horses, charms, and goodies!

I have some NEW 'Pinky Brown' totes coming soon!!! First time for totes, I'm very excited about them. They are screenprinted with one of my drawings and then further embellished by me, I'll save the rest for when you see them! (some time in May). I have to squeeze in vacation next month too! : )

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hello Wednesday. . .

Sorry I have not been around much. I'm so stressed about not knowing what my employment status will be. It's very draining.

But if you'd like some inspiration, visit (Ideas worth spreading). It's wonderful!!!

"TED is devoted to giving millions of knowledge-seekers around the globe direct access to the world's greatest thinkers and teachers". Most videos are 18 minutes or less......... worth it!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Butch and Harold

So as I was lounging around last night, I turned on CNBC's Donny's Big Idea. Love that show.

And a young lady was on there talking about her company 'Butch and Harold', showing her product 'Peel and Stick wall art'. I was 'WOW'ed' ! GORGEOUS! Great packaging. I just fell in love with it instantly.

They are sized 25"x25" for $35.00. It's hard for me to pick one favorite.

This is the Bedford........

Here are the other's below.............
visit their site Butch and Harold for more info or to purchase!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Italy......... love!

photos from the flickr photostream of RayDS. Breathtaking!!!!