Thursday, January 29, 2009

Milk Magazine

I wish I could get this magazine...*sigh*

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

PINKY BROWN Petals, coming soon!

You've seen these petals on my last sweater makeover and I've decided to make some for the shop!!! I also use them on my Scarves, but you can use them for many things. I think they would be great for a little girls hat, or even for your tote bag, or if you have a plain pair of flat shoes, I could go on and on but you get the idea : )
Pinky Brown PETALS coming soon!!

Wednesday Happenings.....

Well it's a snow day today and I'm glad because my little girl is home sick, so atleast she's not missing school. Good timing. Hopefully it won't last long.

Digging around for inspiration here........

Reading about this wonderful Design firm SIXX DESIGN and their wonderfully large family of 7 children! (was Six until they added one more : )

(Rooftop Basketball, can't beat that!)

(photos: Sixx Design)

I love Pink rooms, especially when done really well like these!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Book Cover ART- LOVE Print

I've made several more KEEPSAKE BOOK ART pieces that I really adore.

I'll share more soon. I decided to make a Print of this one and it is in the shop now.
You can see the close ups there.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Children's Book Art

I wanted to use some of the old books I collected recently to make something for my daughter.
Here are 2 that I wanted to share!

Before- plain book

After: Mama Bear, Baby Bears

This is the second book which I think is my favorite of the two.

'hi Beary'

Kids rooms, always in progress

I've been working on Lil' J's room lately. Just trying to get rid of stuff. Too much stuff, can you relate? It seems like a never ending task. But we are getting there.
This pic has a few of my favorite things in her room all in one shot.
1. The purple books are not kids books but they are her favorite color and I am going to paint the covers with something special for her.
2.The Knit cow is just soooo cute! He's a recent purchase even though I am supposed to be purging! Shhhh!
3.The white ornate mirror was supposed to be for ME! Hmmm how did it end up here?
I want to have a collage of similar mirrors in that space.
4. Fabric Anthropologie letters on the wall, I am supposed to rearrange them and hang properly... eventually.
5. Oh and we love the little chandelier which you can see in the reflection.
Enjoy your S'days!!!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

It's a Zoo out there!!!

My daughter is more of an 'Animal' girl than a doll girl. It just seems that she gravitates towards animals as evidenced in her bedroom if you were to count the stuffed and toy animals compared to dolls. I somehow only noticed this recently.

So while strolling through HOME GOODS today, she picked up this Book called 'It's a Zoo out there' with Beautiful photography of animals by Rachael Hale. It was on clearance too, I had to get it. the title of this book could mean so many things to me right now : )

and next is my favorite photo of them all!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Off to see Hansel and Gretel!

Edit: The ballet was great! My daughter loved it. It was under an hour which is perfect for a 5 year old. This photo above is after the performance when the Bird, the fox and Gretel came out to meet the kids and give autographs. They were swarmed!!!

(image above:

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Amazing color!

I want to dig in and play!
(flickr: by SKUATIN)

Monday, January 05, 2009

PB Kids

I had to return something I bought the other day, and of course I wind up picking up something else. But it was too cute to resist. A Sweet little fabric mouse house... with 4 little mice!with a removable roof! So cute!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Dry Clean Only, reads the little tag

So what do you do when your FAVORITE Banana Republic camel hair sweater accidentally finds its way into the washing machine and comes out 10 sizes smaller? (@#$^%#%%^*!!!!!!)

YES......this happened quite a while ago, but I couldn't bear to get rid of it. I just couldn't do it, I tucked it away and forgot about it.

Then I stumbled across it recently when looking for things to donate and realized...Hey, this might fit my little girl.........and guess what....IT DID!!!! ........... I feel so much better
that my favorite sweater is now in good hands!!!! Although I do shiver everytime she picks up a glass of milk, yikes!
Here she is testing it out on the Dance floor!
See sometimes, saving things works out! OK, not most of the time. But this time it did : )

Anthropologie GIFT card..

One of my gifts was a gift card to Anthropologie.... perfect right? Suprisingly I don't get too many of them, so I was very happy to have an excuse to shop guilt free.
Here's what I got........

Pretty, perfect!

Friday, January 02, 2009

Sweater Redesign

I've been getting stuff ready for donations this past week that I wanted to get done before Dec 31st. And I did, and if felt good to get rid of the stuff. But there were a few things that I saw and thought, maybe I could do something with them.
Like this plain boxy grey sweater....

I took a light grey t-shirt that I was going to get rid of and I cut it up to make these little rosettes.

Right now they are just pinned on so I can move them around or add more, etc.
I think I like it. I may add some ribbon or ruffles, we'll see. : )

Thursday, January 01, 2009


Happy New Year to you and the ones you love!!!!