Saturday, January 17, 2009

Kids rooms, always in progress

I've been working on Lil' J's room lately. Just trying to get rid of stuff. Too much stuff, can you relate? It seems like a never ending task. But we are getting there.
This pic has a few of my favorite things in her room all in one shot.
1. The purple books are not kids books but they are her favorite color and I am going to paint the covers with something special for her.
2.The Knit cow is just soooo cute! He's a recent purchase even though I am supposed to be purging! Shhhh!
3.The white ornate mirror was supposed to be for ME! Hmmm how did it end up here?
I want to have a collage of similar mirrors in that space.
4. Fabric Anthropologie letters on the wall, I am supposed to rearrange them and hang properly... eventually.
5. Oh and we love the little chandelier which you can see in the reflection.
Enjoy your S'days!!!!!

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