Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I got the grey scarf girl!

Did you see the Black Apple shop update at 2:00? Well if you blinked your eyes you missed it. It was the fastest ever. And I was able to get the Red Headed girl that my daughter has been asking for............YAYYYYYY! She will be sooo happy!!!

Truth be told, my favorite is the Pink Hair, but it's not about me, right? I had to keep telling myself it's not for me.... not for me!! ha ha

JCrew gorgeous!

Wow.... check out this dress, can you believe it's JCrew! I love it.
It's called the Campo De'fiori!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Pebble-filled tray

I love the idea of this pebble-filled tray placed near your front door for all your dirty shoes. (Martha Stewart.com, of course)

Monday, January 21, 2008

This is on my Wish List

Made by 'gooseflesh' on ETSY. Her work is truly gorgeous!!!!

Monday .........holiday happenings

HI all..........

The weekend is almost over. One last day to run around. Last night I rented 'La Vie En Rose' about the life of French singer Edith Piaf. Such a moving story and very powerful. I really enjoyed it.

Today I have lots of things to do and some grocery shopping. But my first stop is for a nice hot cup of Dunkin Donuts French Vanilla coffee. Yummmmm

Here are some photo's from Amy Butler Design. I'm always craving something Amy Butler.
Especially the lounge pants!!!!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Friday ......here and almost gone

Well I am sooooo glad it's Friday and I'm on my way to pick up some Hibachi Chicken and a little sushi too!!! Yummm...
See you Monday, um or Tuesday since it's a holiday for me!
Enjoy the 3 day if you have it too!!!


Thursday, January 17, 2008


I like the word NEST. I think warm and fuzzy thoughts about the word NEST compared to the well used 'HOME'.
So I loved this pic when I stumbled across the blog of Pam Garrison. Pam is a mixed media artist and blogs about her crafty adventures.


Have you visited Saltwater lately? Saltwater is a British clothing design label based in London and Cornwall. I'm totally drawn in by their photography, the styling is wonderful!

and the Saltwater kids section............so very charming!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

DOMINO: Anticipation

I just noticed the cover of Domino's February issue .................Organization!!! Can't wait to see it.
Feels like forever since the last issue was a Dec/Jan combo issue.

Blog obsessed

Well, I am obsessed with reading them anyway! You just get lost in click after click to wonderful creative blogs.
Today I'm browsing here:

I want a Hygge life........ : )

I am sooooo very intrigued about the idea of living a Hygge life. Here below is how its described on Alex Beauchamp's site Hygge House. Doesn't it just sound wonderful?

"The Danish word Hygge (hu-gah) is a feeling or mood that comes from taking genuine pleasure in making ordinary everyday things simply extraordinary; whether it's using real lights on a Christmas tree or breaking out the good wine when friends come over. It's about owning things you only truly love or that inspire, being present in yourself and your life, putting effort into your home without being Martha Stewart or buying a bed in a bag. It's about being conscious and authentic from home to work to friends to celebrations and making all events {no matter how big or small, mundane or exciting} matter. Words like cosiness, security, familiarity, comfort, reassurance, fellowship, simpleness and living well are often used to describe the idea of Hygge.
Some refer to Hygge as the Art of Creating Intimacy (with yourself, friends and home). Technology and modern day busy-ness has removed Americans from themselves, their homes and ordinary tasks, making them feel as though these things are hard to do, have no importance or are too time-consuming. Danes, however, only like to do things that are fun, nourish the soul and are familiar so they find ways to incorporate that into their daily life. By creating simple rituals without effort {such as brewing real tea with a little china cup every evening to stopping at the farmers market every week to buy flowers} the Danes see both the domestic and personal life as an artform and not every drudgery to get away from.
Taking pride in what you have now and not just what you dream are part of Danish life and Hygge. Think of it as what Chic is to the French; a lifestyle that can explain a table top to a dinner party to a charming house or a personal way of being. Basic, uncomplicated, unexaggerated - Hygge!
Hygge House focuses on how to live well; giving ideas for home, travel and personal time. Part story-telling blog, part magazine, part links to places, Hygge House isn't just another web site; it has a soul that'll help you find the special in the every day and in you. "

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tuesday happenings

Here's what I'm requesting for Valentines day! YES, a pair of shoes that I'm really loving! These MaryJanes are from Zappos and look super comfortable. I can't wait to get them.
At lunch time I scored the most perfect PINK vintage-like half slip. (At TJ Maxx) You know the kind that really looks like its been around with the most beautiful delicate lace on the bottom. And it was NEW!! It was such a steal. I will show you pictures, when I take them.
Tomorrow I start my YOGA class, YIKES!!!! I'm the worst when it comes to any form of exercise. Though I admit when I took the classes last year I absolutely loved them. The problem is sticking with it once the class ends. That's always the problem, right? And the class is offered through work on-site, so I'm not too thrilled about embarrassing myself infront of people I might have to see again. Oh well.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Book: The Family at HOME by Anita Kaushal

I think I am going to buy this book today. I just can't wait any longer. I've browsed through it about a week ago, but I didn't want to pay full price. So now I've got a coupon!
It just looks like great book. If you love beautiful images, its filled with tons. 300 to be exact.

from the publisher:

'Kaushal, herself one of seven children, embraces the modern concept that children are a natural part of our lives, neither inconvenient beings nor precious centers of the universe, and so The Family at Home, focuses on the needs of both parent and child. For example, a library trolley adds whimsy to a volume-lined living room and displays books within a child’s grasp; oversized pillows that look tidy both on the floor and on a couch make for inviting family time and easy cleanup; cubbyholes that double as a secret reading space and room divider create a shared bedroom; and axe-hewn teak benches contrast warmly with the surfaces of a sleek kitchen. The unique spaces in this book have the hallmark of a home anyone would want to return to: they are livable, flexible, and, above all, brimming with individual style.

The book’s four chapters echo the rhythms of family life and consider how each space lends itself to dual use, depending on whether children are present:

• Live shows how to adapt living areas to the needs of children and adults.

• Share offers ideas for making the kitchen and dining areas flow impeccably for cooking, eating, and celebrating with family and friends.

• Nest is devoted to making bedrooms and bathrooms calm retreats.

• Bare focuses on light and air, gardening, nature, and caring for the planet.'

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Target love

I'm in love with this skirt coat from Target, just love it. I have it in the Sunset Yellow and just picked up the Ruby last night. Forgive the Target stock photos, but I didn't get a chance to snap any pics yet. I love a vibrant coat in the dull dreary days of winter, it cheers me up.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Hello 2008!

Happy New Year everyone!

Holly asked us to share our resolutions on her blog in the comments section, so I thought I would share here too.
Basically Resolutions totally scare me to bits, so this is what I do.

You pick 12 (or less) themes/goals or areas that extremely important to you that you want to focus on.

For example:
If you don’t have 12 you can repeat some…….like Organizing for me!!!!

And for each month on your calendar you will write it at the top, so maybe
January = FRIENDS or whatever u pick.
So when you are planning your week, your focus is on FRIENDS and you will pencil in things related to it. Whenever you have free time you will do at least one thing related to your GOAL for that month. . You might try to schedule get togethers for a few weekends. Pencil in phone calls for friends that you want to call…. …you send notes. You might make something for a friends bday.

Month by month……..Everytime you open your planner you are reminded of that goal.
You’ll see that it just happens that you are spending more and more time on the things that matter most to you!!!