Thursday, January 10, 2008

Book: The Family at HOME by Anita Kaushal

I think I am going to buy this book today. I just can't wait any longer. I've browsed through it about a week ago, but I didn't want to pay full price. So now I've got a coupon!
It just looks like great book. If you love beautiful images, its filled with tons. 300 to be exact.

from the publisher:

'Kaushal, herself one of seven children, embraces the modern concept that children are a natural part of our lives, neither inconvenient beings nor precious centers of the universe, and so The Family at Home, focuses on the needs of both parent and child. For example, a library trolley adds whimsy to a volume-lined living room and displays books within a child’s grasp; oversized pillows that look tidy both on the floor and on a couch make for inviting family time and easy cleanup; cubbyholes that double as a secret reading space and room divider create a shared bedroom; and axe-hewn teak benches contrast warmly with the surfaces of a sleek kitchen. The unique spaces in this book have the hallmark of a home anyone would want to return to: they are livable, flexible, and, above all, brimming with individual style.

The book’s four chapters echo the rhythms of family life and consider how each space lends itself to dual use, depending on whether children are present:

• Live shows how to adapt living areas to the needs of children and adults.

• Share offers ideas for making the kitchen and dining areas flow impeccably for cooking, eating, and celebrating with family and friends.

• Nest is devoted to making bedrooms and bathrooms calm retreats.

• Bare focuses on light and air, gardening, nature, and caring for the planet.'

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