Friday, April 27, 2012

Pre Bday Weekend

It's the Birthday Eve for my little girl!  At what point will I stop calling her little.  This weekend she will be 9!!!  How is that possible?
Getting ready...........with some Pink balloons....

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I love those tiny Succa's!!!!

First I have to thank 'The Nester' for the
inspiration for this tiny project.
She wrote this series on using plants in your home,
which I almost skipped because I am a total plant killer.
But I feel like there's hope for me, so I kept

And then I got to the part where she happened to go
into CVS and picked up some Tiny (and awesomely cute) succulents for

what, what what....back up! I'm hooked. super
cheap, Tiny plants that are really kind of hard to kill, I'm in.

So my little girl and I decided on a Saturday
morning to walk/ ride her bike there. That's me walking, and she riding. To CVS. This
is unheard of but I figured that could count for this lazy girl's exercise that
day.(lazy girl is me, not my kid ; ) obviously

Oh you want to just get to the photos
Fine. Geez!

For the first 3, I grabbed jars I had around the house- a jam jar, a bell jar and my fav, a mini coca cola glass! I then put some larger stones on the bottom, pink gravel and dirt and that's it!
Love these little freaking cute.

Of course I couldn't stop there, I had to go for the big mama! I started looking around for something bigger to put a bunch in, no luck. So I bought this clear bowl from Target. In the kitchen section.($9) And did the same thing, layering large stones, gravel, dirt and this time I threw some sand in too. I love how they came out. I can't vouch for how long I will keep them alive. I already scorched one. Apparently you have to give them slow gradual exposure to the sun. Who knew! Still a great project. Go try it!

(and yes those spikey balls hurt like a mother &^*^%, just like you think they would)
A fun and inexpensive project, that I completely enjoyed!!!