Monday, August 30, 2010

YES, I am still craving Anthropologie......

This might have to go on my Bday wish list.......still 2 months away *sigh*. The colorful full fabric chrysanthemums against my favourite, a neutral canvas, trimmed with leather. It's perfect to me! Pretty inside too! Don't you think?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Chair re-design

Remember this 'Inspiration' photo(above) I showed you of these gorgeous Empress chairs from Neiman pretty right..

then I showed you the similar chairs (best I could afford) from Home goods (below) I snagged

well..I finally got the courage to make my first attempt at re-upholstering.................

I LOVE THEM!!!! Don't look too closely, because there are many flaws. I even cheated and used a glue gun(*gasp*) I know! I ran out of staples and wanted to see how to drape the fabric. I figured I could refix with the staples.. but none the less...I still love them! It looks so much better than the fabric it came with. I know the lighting is dark...but it's late....I'll post proper photos soon. Oh and my couches came in! I have to return the love seat for a new one..that's a story for another time. Tomorrow may be a beach day! Gotta squeeze in the last days of summer!


Here's what I thrifted today...this little Sailor girl painting. I love it so much! I have no idea why, I just think she is so sweet.

Next post, I will share my 1st Craigslist purchase with you!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dining Room- Before and In Progress

Hi there.... can you believe August is almost over? I'm trying to savor these last 2 weeks.

So let's take a peek at my Dining room progress... I say that because it's definitely not finished yet.

Here's the BEFORE pic:

(uhh..previous owner's decor)

before -empty room

LIVING ROOM- In progress

(Forgive my junk on the left..I wanted to show the wall we took out. These photos were originally taken to show my sis : ) Eventually there will be a kitchen island on the day.
It's very neutral right now... those curtains might have to be changed out for some COLOR. I just used what I had for now..... So far I love it!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Currently felt MaryJane's

Yes! I am so loving these golden yellow felt MaryJane's from Target. Remind's me of my childhood MJ's but updated! I was thinking of adding a grey flower....but that might be too girly!

Monday, August 09, 2010

Design my living room

So right now our living room is totally empty, a blank canvas you could say. I know some people love to attack a room that way. But me, it freaks me out a little. So you want to help design my room? not literally, but you might have some great ideas for me.
I'll share the layout, room specs etc and what I'm looking to do (yeah right, I have no idea).
I will tell you that I did buy a sofa and they are not here and not due to arrive for several weeks. But I guess that will be our starting point!!!

When you first enter through the door and come up, you see the living room. Well if you look up you will see that thing that somebody called a chandelier..sorry. I'm sure it was loved by them. So that will be part of the makeover too! above- this view is as you walk to the top stop facing the room. The only 2 usable 'walls' are what you see the window wall and back wall. To the left it is mostly open to the dining room.
The room measurements are 17' 10 1/2" long by 11' 4 " wide. I'll do a sketch too for a better visual.

So now the sofas..... I bought the Macy's Chloe sofa in granite. I know that's not the best photo...the website doesn't show my color...

(this is the sofa in cream, once again mine will be granite)

OK let the craziness begin... I mean let the fun begin!

Sidebar sale- redesigned felt bird house

You might recognize this beautiful birdhouse from Anthropologie. Do you? I snatched up quite a few some time back, I couldn't resist. This pretty yellow one has never been used, and it's taken on a tiny redesign with 2 pretty pink petal pins. They are removable so you can wear the pins wherever you wish! The birdhouse makes a great little storage place for your goodies.

( Price $50 + shipping, USA only, email Pinkybrown2005 (at) )

birdhouse measures 15" tall

New Banner ..

See that new banner above..well it's actually my daughters new rug! Well.... truth is, I was looking for a new living room rug... I fell in love with this one, bought it home. And then I realized it was too whimsical for a living room. (what was I thinking)
But still couldn't bear to part with it, tried it in lil girls room. SOOO NICE!!!

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Sidebar sale-- Deconstructed

Deconstructed includes 4 preloved items:
1 white T w pink lace on side (small spot on front)...Medium
1 embroidered dollhouse tie dye t.. cut under arms and on top..SMALL
1 women's Levi's shorts...totally deconstructed...lived a good life...approx size 10 womens
1 brown leather bracelet

Deconstructed = $20.00

Introducing the 'SIDEBAR SALE'

The Sidebar Sale is a new place and way to sell an assortment of pre-loved goods, as well as some new funky and fabulously redesigned items in a unique and fun way.

Each 'Sidebar' board is sold as a package and will clearly state what goodies are included and what category they fall into: Preloved, Redesigned, New originals! They will be arranged in various creatives ways, props and styling items are not for sale.

To start out ...the 'Sidebar sale' will be local and soon to be branching out! New items will be easier for me to add shipping charges, but to keep the used items at a bargain price, I think I might do local. But I can easily be swayed, so if you love something email me!

I will share the first few tonight, to give you an example of how it will work. I put a constraint on these boards and they had to be done super over thinking allowed. Otherwise, this idea wouldn't be executed till the next century.

The first 'Sidebar sale' package is LIME themed.....

The Lime Package includes 5 items... 4 preloved, 1 redesigned.

1 preloved (barely worn) lime and pink checkered sweater vest, size Large (fits more like M)
1 preloved lime green spaghetti T size Large
1 pair preloved Women's Size 10 fab green flip flops with jewels
1 preloved shoebag
1 redesigned by 'Pinkybrown Inc' green petals.....these are 2 flower Pins that were made from green cotton Tshirts.