Thursday, August 05, 2010

Introducing the 'SIDEBAR SALE'

The Sidebar Sale is a new place and way to sell an assortment of pre-loved goods, as well as some new funky and fabulously redesigned items in a unique and fun way.

Each 'Sidebar' board is sold as a package and will clearly state what goodies are included and what category they fall into: Preloved, Redesigned, New originals! They will be arranged in various creatives ways, props and styling items are not for sale.

To start out ...the 'Sidebar sale' will be local and soon to be branching out! New items will be easier for me to add shipping charges, but to keep the used items at a bargain price, I think I might do local. But I can easily be swayed, so if you love something email me!

I will share the first few tonight, to give you an example of how it will work. I put a constraint on these boards and they had to be done super over thinking allowed. Otherwise, this idea wouldn't be executed till the next century.

The first 'Sidebar sale' package is LIME themed.....

The Lime Package includes 5 items... 4 preloved, 1 redesigned.

1 preloved (barely worn) lime and pink checkered sweater vest, size Large (fits more like M)
1 preloved lime green spaghetti T size Large
1 pair preloved Women's Size 10 fab green flip flops with jewels
1 preloved shoebag
1 redesigned by 'Pinkybrown Inc' green petals.....these are 2 flower Pins that were made from green cotton Tshirts.


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