Thursday, March 31, 2011

And you know what Thursday is...right?

It's time for a winner for the 'Sex and the City' Giveaway!!!
And it's Shelly from 'Nama Halacy's Comfy Cottage'!!!!!! Congrats... email me and I'll ship out your package this weekend!!!! Now I must get ready to watch Grey's Anatomy the music event.....I can't wait.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekend happenings....

Hello fellow S-day lovers!!!! I don't want it to end. I love that it's still daylight now at 6:52pm...really love that!

Saturday I went down to Roselle Park to meet up with my sister and go to Exquisite Hair design to get my Hair cut by Jess. It's about a half hour from me, but totally worth the trip to go there.

I will travel for a great cut, and I know you can relate to that.

Here I'm wearing one of the Cameo Necklaces from Melanie's shop. I love it... it has that old charmed feeling, but it's huge so it feels a bit modern to me. We then hopped next door for a little lunch at 'The Hot Spot'. What a great place! We had the best Empanada's ever.

You must go visit if you are in the area. Here we are...of course snapping pics. That's what happens when 2 bloggers are in the same place! Mel will share more too.

Not only do they have great food, but great design to match. Their store has a cool vibe to it. The walls are full of interesting photos and art. Above the windows it's lined with old school lunch boxes. It's nice to see when someone puts as much effort in the presentation of the store as well as ofcourse the food. But often, you don't see both. So I loved the HOT SPOT.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Fridays and me are BFF....

People! It's time to EAT, DRINK and enjoy the weekend!!!!!
So get to it.

These are some beautiful faux wood chargers that I stumbled upon at HOME GOODS for 3bucks. I'm really suprised I haven't posted more about HG because I could probably post something everyday that I got there. It's kind of like a little treasure hunt.

Sidetracked, sorry. So I picked up these chargers and they say on the back, for decorative purposes only. I decided to stencil on them... EAT and DRINK...(but remember you can't eat off them.. lol) I was trying to think of a 3rd?

I love them. I haven't hung them up yet. I need some really large plate holders or a better way to hang? And you see that crazy beautiful rolling pin holding up one of the plates up....from HG too.
And the spoons........I love the handles. I want to hang them on the wall as well.

Well ...that's my tiny post, minus a fully styled shot. But if you've been reading for any amount of time you know I do things with.........oh ok, just freaking slow. There I said it.
And don't forget the Giveaway.... seriously people your chances of winning are like 1 out of 5. LOL

Thursday, March 24, 2011

To layer or Not to layer

Hey you guys... remember the DIY Porcupine Mirror project I did here? Even though I loved it, I just felt like it didn't make that impact I wanted.
The other concern is that my little creation is so damn spiky, it has to be in a place that there's no chance of bumping into it.

Below is the entry way where I hung an old Pier 1 mirror I had. And I absolutely love it as is,
but then I had this crazy idea of layering my Porcupine mirror over it.

Like this! I love how the reflection doubles the quills and make it look fuller!
Or am I just attached to my own creation since there is no other place for my baby porcupine!
Tell me the truth!

Post edit: Please don't pay attention to the lack of styling here. Nor the metal wire holding the mirror. I will hide that once I decide if its a keeper ; )

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Last week I attended a Tricky Tray (fundraiser), which is pretty similar to a trip to Atlantic far as the spending factor..maybe not the fun factor. So of course, its my first time going, and I WIN something I already HAVE. It figures. But LUCKY for you because now you can win

I'm a fan of SITC. If you are too then:
1. Become a follower ...over there > on my sidebar and leave a comment telling me so.

2. If you already are, leave a comment saying something about how much you missed me ..I kid. Just say you already follow.

3. If you want an extra entry, tell me what your favorite episode of SATC is.

And there you have it. Easy peasy. You know, it's to your advantage that I have been MIA, because now I probably have about 5 readers left, which mean your chances of winning are totally awesome!!!!

Winner will be randomly chosen..... Next Thursday!!!!! Good luck!
(US entries only)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hello Spring! Mama's back...

Hello Spring! Who invited 'Snow' to my party!!! What the H@!! Really. Yesterday, inches of snow.So done with you. Didn't I make that clear when I put away( lost) my gloves. Uggh.
And more snow to come tomorrow supposedly.
Here's my girl with her Nike back pack. This was part of the awesome goodie-bag from my visit to Haddad here...remember? Well I really thought it would be a great overnight bag. Because it has wheels and it is pretty HUGE for a backpack. But when she saw it, she fell in LOVE with it! And wasn't hearing that. It's her favorite color, Hot Pink! And she loves the wheels. She was begging me. Everyday. For about 4 days straight. And then day number 5, I gave in. So what if it covers half of her body LOL!
To be honest, sometimes with all the stuff they have in those school bags ... she might need those wheels.

And the back pack she had before this which we got from Children's place fell apart already!!! So I can tell this one is super sturdy!

Check this while just getting home walking up the stairs we noticed our 1st flower! How crazy! I don't think it will last through the next 2's so pretty though!

(Levi's and Nike: can be found at Macy's or JCPenney)

Here (above) I was draggin little J to the store with me, when I asked for a pic since she happens to be in her Levi T and Jeans. I love those jeans...they have a tailored leg, almost skinny with elastic on the bottom. Only an almost 8 year old could wear!

Well, my friends, since I've been away so long...I think it's only fair that I have a little giveaway...don't ya think? But it will have to be in the next post. You'll see why!