Friday, March 25, 2011

Fridays and me are BFF....

People! It's time to EAT, DRINK and enjoy the weekend!!!!!
So get to it.

These are some beautiful faux wood chargers that I stumbled upon at HOME GOODS for 3bucks. I'm really suprised I haven't posted more about HG because I could probably post something everyday that I got there. It's kind of like a little treasure hunt.

Sidetracked, sorry. So I picked up these chargers and they say on the back, for decorative purposes only. I decided to stencil on them... EAT and DRINK...(but remember you can't eat off them.. lol) I was trying to think of a 3rd?

I love them. I haven't hung them up yet. I need some really large plate holders or a better way to hang? And you see that crazy beautiful rolling pin holding up one of the plates up....from HG too.
And the spoons........I love the handles. I want to hang them on the wall as well.

Well ...that's my tiny post, minus a fully styled shot. But if you've been reading for any amount of time you know I do things with.........oh ok, just freaking slow. There I said it.
And don't forget the Giveaway.... seriously people your chances of winning are like 1 out of 5. LOL

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MJ said...

You know that you so inspired me to run to Home Goods today and buy those spoons in a similar handle. Unfortunately I didnt see the plates but I will be going back tomorrow just to take another glance.


Keep those creative juices flowing...cant wait to see the posts.