Sunday, August 14, 2011

So there you are!

Hello Friends...
I miss blogging. I do. I suppose I lost my blogging Mojo for a bit. I'm sure you can relate to that if you've been blogging for any extended period of time. You just get in a rut. Life gets in the way. You get caught up in all the camparisons w other blogs. And lose the vision for why you started in the first place. You lose sight of the original intention. Lose your steam. I think its happened for all these reasons and more. Has it happened to you?

When I first started blogging...I was working in a corporate job, gray walls, tedious, uninspiring...zombie like and blogging was a whole new creative outlet, there were others who enjoyed the same creative things , decorating homes, blogging, fashion , especially handmade and re-creating something new from something was where my people were! And I was so happy to have that little space in my world away from the gray cubicle walls I worked in and found a bit of inspiration and a place to share. And you could share in an instant and get feedback in a moment. I loved it.
So maybe it's time to get back to what it was meant to be.
* a fun creative outlet to share things I've made and found
* beautiful, inspiring spaces
* to bookmark inspiring photos
* home projects
* connect with other creative souls
* carefree, non competitive
* a place to share, period

Sounds right to me! Back to the basics of everything I loved about blogging to begin with.

In an attempt to get back to blogging I wanted to add a little something beautiful to the office space. Do you remember seeing the 'Paper Scrap Light' on Design*Sponge?? The original was made by Gabrielle Guy. It's a must see for sure. I fell in love with the simplicity of using paper scraps and those inexpensive paper lanterns to create such a whimsical and funky looking light. LOVE!

So I created my own little mini versions using white tissue paper. You may notice that with tissue paper the ends seem to curl up a bit. Totally unexpected...but still love it!!! I don't have real lights inside yet. But will add them soon. Don't you love projects that are super cheap but look so beautiful~!

Happy Rainy weekend my friends..............see you in a few days!