Friday, January 13, 2012

Love me some Fridays!

Ahhh...since I'm so behind on my

we'll stick with Randomness....

* My sis is working on opening her very own STOREFRONT for Lucky 7 exciting!
*My lil sis already owns her own Thrift shop! In case I never told ya.
What am I waiting for, I hear you say??? I know

* My job/contract has been extended till end of
February. Which is good news. Otherwise, see Bullet 1, I might be put to work
either way :
*Lots of Bdays in January. Need to get on
*So happy Monday is a Holiday!
* My little girl and I did make it into NYC the day
before Christmas see the tree, see the lovely store windows, visit FAO
Schwarts, visit American Girl Doll store... it was a fun but tiring day. So glad
we went. They actually changed the school calendar and said the kids had1/2
day school that day. So J actually TOLD the teacher the day before that 'we
already made plans so she won't be there'. I kinda gasped when she told me. But then I thought it was the funniest thing and so unlike her. I was going to write a note..but that
worked. (I wonder what her teacher thought!!! )

*The Jason Wu line for TARGET is coming out soon! I
just saw the lookbook, and my only fave is the tote you see above. And I can
certainly live without it. So I won't be standing in line with the crazy
ebay-ers. no thankyou.

* Went snow tubing last weekend in PA with friends. So fun and Scary! Let's just say the bigger you are the faaaaster (way freaking faster) you go!!!
My little girl got a UTI while we were there..not
fun. Poor thing. Good thing there are lots of Medi- centers

* Happy Bday to my niece Adelina who is 11 years old today!!! She's the sweetest girl ever. (I don't believe a word her mama says)

Redesigned stool

This little project started out with a perfectly new, but plain stool.
And 1 of my old favorites... this sweater by Tommy Hilfiger (Boardsports).

Add a little stitching...........

After =

A perfectly charming, stylish and modern piece!!(if I do say I made this for the shop but I might have to make another to keep.