Thursday, March 24, 2011

To layer or Not to layer

Hey you guys... remember the DIY Porcupine Mirror project I did here? Even though I loved it, I just felt like it didn't make that impact I wanted.
The other concern is that my little creation is so damn spiky, it has to be in a place that there's no chance of bumping into it.

Below is the entry way where I hung an old Pier 1 mirror I had. And I absolutely love it as is,
but then I had this crazy idea of layering my Porcupine mirror over it.

Like this! I love how the reflection doubles the quills and make it look fuller!
Or am I just attached to my own creation since there is no other place for my baby porcupine!
Tell me the truth!

Post edit: Please don't pay attention to the lack of styling here. Nor the metal wire holding the mirror. I will hide that once I decide if its a keeper ; )


Caitlin @ Desert Domicile said...

I love it! I'd consider painting the string/wire/whatever it's hanging by black or brown (the color of the Pier 1 mirror) so it blends in and makes the porcupine mirror look like it's floating :)

MJ said...

I love it have a great eye. Love the entry area by the way since I havent seen it yet.

Can you please share more pics of your home so we can see your fabulous style.


Kimberly said...

Hi Jade, I am your newest follower. From NJ and I know your sister. She sent me over here. Hope to get together with some of the NJ bloggers soon. Your sister will fill you in.

Lisa said...

Hi Jade,

I'm still following you! I love your style and it looks good layered. The comment by Caitlin was a good one regarding painting the wire to blend in.

Lisa said...

Sorry, my link didn't work. Try this one. ;)