Thursday, August 26, 2010

Chair re-design

Remember this 'Inspiration' photo(above) I showed you of these gorgeous Empress chairs from Neiman pretty right..

then I showed you the similar chairs (best I could afford) from Home goods (below) I snagged

well..I finally got the courage to make my first attempt at re-upholstering.................

I LOVE THEM!!!! Don't look too closely, because there are many flaws. I even cheated and used a glue gun(*gasp*) I know! I ran out of staples and wanted to see how to drape the fabric. I figured I could refix with the staples.. but none the less...I still love them! It looks so much better than the fabric it came with. I know the lighting is dark...but it's late....I'll post proper photos soon. Oh and my couches came in! I have to return the love seat for a new one..that's a story for another time. Tomorrow may be a beach day! Gotta squeeze in the last days of summer!


Jen of MadeByGirl said...

NICE job! that pic was also an INSPIRATION for me too!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

You did a wonderful job! Pat yourself on the back!

MJ said...

They came out great! Love the #4 pillow by the way. lol Okay so I spotted in the background the shelf what do you think. I like it. I have to come up and see it in person. Let me know when you get new loveseat next week and maybe I can take a trip.

Laura said...

I love these chairs. Perfection is the last thing you want. Adore the pillows. I remember some Anthro Mugs that were numbered like this.

I hesitated several months before busting the tile out of my Dining Room Table and grouting in $300 worth of Italian Tile. I was so worried about flubbing the whole project and ruining the tile.

Just a new Anthro Blogger that found your Craving Anthropologie Blog. I have been devoting so much time to my blog that I have let my home projects lapse. This was inspiring.