Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I got the grey scarf girl!

Did you see the Black Apple shop update at 2:00? Well if you blinked your eyes you missed it. It was the fastest ever. And I was able to get the Red Headed girl that my daughter has been asking for............YAYYYYYY! She will be sooo happy!!!

Truth be told, my favorite is the Pink Hair, but it's not about me, right? I had to keep telling myself it's not for me.... not for me!! ha ha


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your grey scarf girl! Wow you must have had lightening mouse click speed! I know how fast they go. I got one for my daughter prior to Christmas - my heart was pounding in my mouth and my fingers never clicked so fast!!! They are truly beautiful. She is SO cute - love her dress fabric too!

dottie angel said...

wow, i love the grey scarf girl...your daughter is very fortunate to have such a 'craft and styling' appreciating mom...did any of that make sense ;)