Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Hello 2008!

Happy New Year everyone!

Holly asked us to share our resolutions on her blog in the comments section, so I thought I would share here too.
Basically Resolutions totally scare me to bits, so this is what I do.

You pick 12 (or less) themes/goals or areas that extremely important to you that you want to focus on.

For example:
If you don’t have 12 you can repeat some…….like Organizing for me!!!!

And for each month on your calendar you will write it at the top, so maybe
January = FRIENDS or whatever u pick.
So when you are planning your week, your focus is on FRIENDS and you will pencil in things related to it. Whenever you have free time you will do at least one thing related to your GOAL for that month. . You might try to schedule get togethers for a few weekends. Pencil in phone calls for friends that you want to call…. …you send notes. You might make something for a friends bday.

Month by month……..Everytime you open your planner you are reminded of that goal.
You’ll see that it just happens that you are spending more and more time on the things that matter most to you!!!

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