Friday, October 15, 2010

Working Girl!!!!

Well it's official, I'm a working girl again!!! (or will be next week)I'm so thrilled to have a job again in these times, really... I feel lucky and thankful.

So...I will be working for a Brokerage firm again, (yes, my creative soul aches) in my ole' hometown of Jersey City. I'm so thrilled about that part. I love that area on the waterfront. Of course I don't live in town anymore or that would of been an awesome commute.
But I do get to look at the amazing NY City Skyline everyday!!!!!

Lots to do...getting ready. Need to get back in that whole groove again. But first some celebrating this weekend!!!!

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gmasthriftshop said...

Congratz! Thanks for letting me know sister! G-luck. xo