Sunday, July 15, 2007

Pinky Brown: Sunday Sneak Peek!

This was a lovely weekend for the beach. But no, I didn't go. All the peeps I tagged were too busy. But it's been a very crafty weekend, which is very exciting to me atleast.

So I want to give you a sneak peek, on something that's been in the works forever. You know that project that you work on, then put away, and bring back. Well it's just about ready to go and I wanted to share with my blog-friends!!

They don't have an official name we'll just call them "Pinky Brown TAGS" for the moment! They are tags that have many is a:






........................ All in one!!!

I like to think of it as the gift tag extraordinare!!!

Each tag is handcrafted from a playing card, hand cut, includes a lovely patterned paper(this one is Amy Butler) to write a name on or not, photo holders to insert picture, Magnetic backing, and topped off with a beautiful ribbon to tie!

I've made these over the years for friends baby showers, anniversary parties, dinner parties and more! I love to re-design new things from items we already have. And this is one of my favorites!
I'm just finishing up the packaging (trying to recycle) and then off to the shop they go.
Feel free to share your thoughts : )
EDIT: I didn't want to make this a super long post. But just some examples:
A....If you use this as a GIFT TAG, the recipient will then be able to keep as a PHOTO MAGNET
B...If you use them as PLACE CARDS for a dinner party, your guest will be able to take home as a PARTY FAVOR and use as a PHOTO MAGNET .(this is my favorite use)
C...They can also be used as ORNAMENTS during the holiday season!
D...They make for a perfect Birth Announcement!
I hope you love them as much as I do!!
Pinky Brown

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