Friday, July 13, 2007

Peek into the fashion designers world

Last night I found a channel on cable called NYCTV. The show was called 'Behind the Label'.
As I began to watch I was hooked.
here's their descrip---
Behind the Label
Step into the glamorous and exotic world of high style when you meet fashion's most influential and intriguing designers. Each episode profiles one top designer from the fashion and beauty worlds exclusively, detailing their rise to fame, philosophy of fashion, inspirations, current collections and much, much more. Behind The Label also takes viewers behind the scenes with a tour of the designer's private showroom or a walk through their stunning home.
I saw the one on Betsey Johnson ---'A conversation with Betsey Johnson. Called the wild child of fashion, Betsey Johnson has been rocking the fashion world with her youthful outlook and timeless clothing since the 1960’s. '
I always liked her quirky, independent, free spirit ways. She just seems like a real fun lady. And she was just as I imagined.
and then Isaac Mizrahi!! 'Fashion icon Isaac Mizrahi unzips all his secrets -- his biggest triumphs in fashion, the collapse of his empire and how he orchestrated the remarkable comeback that returned him to fashion's elite inner circle.
Loved Isaac! He just expresses himself so well. I felt like I was watching him sit and chat with a friend.
You must look to see if you get this show! It's awesome. I love peeking into their worlds.. even just for 30 minutes.

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