Thursday, November 16, 2006

Pick it up---- Creole Thrift by Angele Parlange

I stopped by Barnes and Noble last night to pick up a copy of Creole Thrift.
The sales lady looked it up and said its in stock, should be up front on the table.
We go looking ALL around, different areas, under tables, on shelves. She can't find it.
She's ready to give up and asks if I want to order it. I say 'But you HAVE it in stock, someone must know where it is'. She says but I can't find it and turns to walk away and there it is right in front of her.
So I have my book.
I've only taken a glance through thus far...but I know I will love it.
It's all about having things in our home that truly reflect who we are, not necessarily the most expensive, but things that have a history and meaning to us. It's also about being resourceful and making the most of things around you.

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ArtsyMama said...

Looks like a good book:) I'll have to check it out!