Friday, August 17, 2007

Lovely mail day.......

So yesterday was my first day back to work after vacation, which is always tough. But it was so nice to have some postal goodies just waiting to be torn opened when I got home. And what did I get.........well I received my copy of MIXTAPE ZINE from Australia. Which I promise to elaborate more on in a later post.

........this sweet little crocheted hat for my girl..........made by Lullabylamb! And the best part is those flowers are barretts that can be removed from the hat and worn alone!!! She better wear this hat......or I will! (ok not really) But it's just too pretty!

(pic is from her etsy shop)

And I've saved the best for last......... I placed an order with Cyrille Gulassa who I posted about not too long ago. And I will try to not go on and on, but it was just how an order should arrive, in every way. It was packaged so lovely, with ribbons and stickers and a personalized note. Neatly, and with care!!! I took a few quick photos, because I couldn't resist!


This is a summer poppy tote, another green poppy tote, table runner and napkins in summer poppy and a CG pendant below.


And her business cards are just beautiful as well!!


I can't wait for her Fall/ Winter stuff.... I'll definitely be back for more!!

Visit her site and download her catalog!

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