Thursday, November 08, 2007

Casa Mila

I am so intrigued by this piece of architecture designed by Antoni Gaudi, it's called 'Casa Mila'. It's located in Barcelona, Spain.

It is often referred to as La Pedrera. It almost has a spooky feel to it. I'm drawn to its curves.

It doesn't use a single straight line, the building doesn't use load bearing walls but rests on pillars and arches. Learn more here. There is such a wealth of knowledge on this site, there are wonderful interviews with tenants who live there, videos and beautiful photos of the interiors, details on the architecture and on and on. Worth a visit!

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Unknown said...

For more detailed information on this building read, but I wanted to add that it is very beautiful and that the highlight is definitely the roof. When we were in Barcelona ,we spent more than an hour there as the view was very nice and the "sentinel" chimneys are very photogenic (see the travelogue for more pictures). The best part, however, was that we went at the end of the day. The colors are just amazing! I would really recommend planning the visit to coincide with sunset (of course, an hour or so before to take pictures and then to enjoy it).