Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tracy Porter

(Rosewater Bedding/Tracy Porter)

Where have I been!!!! I know TRACY has been around quite a while, so I can't believe I just stumbled upon her a few weeks ago when Holly from Decor8 posted about her. And I remember I was so in love with her style, that almost mediterranean, bohemian touch. I just love it all!! I was reading her blog, browsing around her site, ordered a catalog, viewing her videos, just totally inspired!!!

She has some new videos posted, so you must go see! My favorite today, was 'painting your curtains'....YES, painting right on to your velvet curtains!!! I totally want to try this!


Anonymous said...

Hi there Jade. I found you on the TP blog. I absolutely love her stuff, her style, her personality. Are those curtains are great idea?

I am currently looking around my home for a way to incorporate this idea!

jade said...

HI Melissa... I do love the idea for the curtains, only because I have an old pair of velvet curtains that I basically would have never used again. Maybe cutting them up for some project.
But the idea of painting them really seems cool to me. and I won't be afraid to mess up since I was so tired of them. Does that make any sense?
But you're right about finding the right spot for them. I haven't thought that far through yet ; )

Anonymous said...

Hi Jade!
You are so sweet to post us on your site! Thanks so much!! I love your style, so cool! I now have another fabulous blog to check out....thanks again!