Tuesday, June 10, 2008


This corkboard is next to my desk, in my craft area. Let's call it 'Beautiful Chaos'. I'm just not a neat gal, even on my boards! I just tack up anything I like and change it out when it get's old to me.

Let's see....there's

* Kendra Binney art pins * Anthro catalog cover *Anthro sweater ornaments *some fabrics I've stitched on *Post cards from Portugal and Germany * Article with photo of Bicycle in Amsterdam *Domino Coasters * Necklaces..... lot's of other tidbits!

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blue moss said...

love your mood board...i need one of those. happy to hear that your craft area isn't neat. mine is a disaster area. i always see people's pics of their craft rooms and they look fabulous--hard to measure up to that. :)