Wednesday, June 02, 2010 I love thee so!

This table right here is my dream dining's the Guildmaster Italian Country Dining table in Crossroads blue sage...........*sigh* It will remain in my dreams until I can convince my husband that we need to spend THAT much on a table.'s been overwhelming with moving, trying to sell our house..which is not a done deal yet. Try refinishing your floors only to think you're moved in and have to completely redo the whole shebang...and live out of one room. So yeah... that's where we are now... it's a bit much.
Not that I'm complaining but it blows. I know it will work out...but that's whats keeping me tied up.
I just want to be able to unpack and start to make things feel like home. I'm sure you know what I mean. Soooon, very soon!!

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MJ said...

Hey so I was just thinking the legs on this table kinda remind me of the pic I sent you today. Hmmmmmmmm maybe a little sister can know more than the older but lovely sister she adores. You need to buy that table because I really want it but have no room or no need for it.