Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hello July........when did you get here!!!

So YES, I am officially moved in.... but of course not totally unpacked. It seems a never ending task. I'm still donating things because I can't believe that amount of stuff that we have. I've been reading alot of info about Minimalism on this blog and others. And believe it or not it totally resonates with me. But I'll talk more on that later.
I'm going to need your design help with my living room, real soon. I'm going to post the layout of the room etc. It's such an awkward shape because it's not four walls to work with opens to the dining side is the banister to go wall is 'bay window''ll see when I post it.

I'm also looking for inspiration for my daughter's room... and I came across these beautiful rooms from Sally Wheat interiors........I love them both!

I'm crossing my fingers for an upcoming interview....really, really hoping. And will be going on a mini vacation was planned a while back. Sun, beaches, relaxing, friends......just what the doctor calls for!

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