Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Happy

Happy Birthday to my big seester!!! She's on the left...turning the big 44!
I'm not far behind... well far enough, but I can't even think about the big 40..can't even ; )
Post edit: I showed this photo 2 yrs ago on my blog, but for those who haven't been reading that long...this is one of my favorites. Believe it or not it was taken in a MALL! The Husdson Mall to be exact. They had this area set up with a choice of animals to take your photo with. You might not be able to tell, but I was sooo afraid of that CUB. Which is why it's lying only all over my sister!
I remember that crab shirt she was wearing..for some reason I want to say it glowed in the dark..But I don't think that was possible back then!!! ha. memory is making stuff up.


gmasthriftshop said...

OMG this picture is soo old! I have to show her! lol

MJ said...

Happy Bday D....omg is that a real cub..were you at the zoo? I just have to see that if I didnt know that this pick was taken in the 70's (ouch) I'd think that was little Miss J...she looks like you too now seeing this.(sorry to G)