Friday, April 01, 2011

It was a Stripey Rainy day!

I had to share the latest addition to my stripey collection. I'm loving this jacket. I picked up this lil beauty for 10 bucks from Sears on clearance. I know, right!!! It's a size medium (I wear large) which means if I dare wash and dry it I will have to say goodbye to it for sure. But I had to have it. It cheered me up on this rainy day... and my lil umbrella helped too. Though it's a tiny bit on the flimsy side. Yeah, one little breeze and it's inside out. It's OK umbrella, I will keep you anyway, You're a cutie!

Happy Friday you guys!!!


Shellyhectic said...

I go my giveaway stuff and I love, love it, especially the little bird house! So cute, thank you!

Alene Snodgrass said...

What a beautiful inspiring blog. I clicked over here from your sisters! You both are so talented.