Thursday, December 01, 2011

Let's catch up shall we

This post is delivered by SNAIL MAIL....which is why it took sooo long. OK not really. But I have been making cute snails!!!
So let's try and catch up here.....
**Loving the job.... I have to document that because I don't think I've ever said that before. My contract ends in Jan...but I'm hoping it will be extended.
* I think I have a billion photos on my phone of little projects I did here and there..but the photos aren't perfect. So then I don't post. You know how that goes, right???
You still want to see..OK ...this was the inspiration photo... the PomPoms below (though I love the Pallet bed too) here's my version of the Pom Poms..(you will ignore the junk on dresser, right?) this is in my little girls battling the mess is the norm around here.
Did you know that Anthropologie catalogs make sweet little bird houses? Yup, they do.

This started out as a plain white shade which I covered in burlap, added some bits of fabric and ribbon. There's no light...but I just hung a string of butterfly lights she had inside and it's perfect for the playroom.

I don't know if I can ever go back to getting dressed up for work. Please, not any time soon.
Next post, maybe I'll share some office photos and a tiny project for that window. Let's break the No.1 rule of blogging and share our imperfect photos ...what the hell, right?

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MJ said...

OMG...okay I need a tutorial from you on the pom poms...I need a ton! Every time I trie them I dont like the way the poof up.

The lampshade is need to keep sharing your projects.