Thursday, February 01, 2007

where is that black shirt?

Tell me if you can relate. I do love shopping as much as the next girl AND I certainly enjoy bringing home a brand new outfit or home item that I find on my hunt. Truly I do. BUT... sometimes I really just want to pause and take inventory of what I have. And (here's the key) GET ORGANIZED enough to even see what I have in my wardrobe. So I have a better idea of what I need and shop for those things that complete my wardrobe.
I love Alex's idea of taking a photo of each piece or using the stores website photo's to mix and match outfits and plan for trips, etc. But there's no way I'm even close to doing that. Maybe one day.
So that's what I think about doing.(the organized part) Alot. Though I am always complaining about space. I know that's not the issue. Instead of shopping for more sutff to clutter my home, I need to see what I have, what I want to keep, get it organized, and go on from there. you may hold me to it. I'm not saying I'm going to stop shopping completely.
But some progress in the right direction is what I'm looking for.

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