Friday, February 09, 2007

Translucent Valentine hearts

I've been getting crafty these past few evenings working on my Valentines for the 'Free People' swap which I am so happy to be part of!

A couple nights ago I thought I would try this project from Martha Stewarts site. It's called Crayon Hearts. They are translucent hanging hearts made simply from melted crayons and wax paper. And it really was simple and fun!!! That's my version that you see above........below is Martha's which is quite perfect as expected. But I still love my hearts. I honestly think the quality of the crayons may matter or maybe the size of the shavings. Not sure. Or maybe if your name is Martha! : )

PS....Just a lil note if you plan on having the kiddies around little girl was NOT too thrilled that I was destroying her crayons! When I asked her for another red one, which she had plenty, she replies 'nope mom there's no more. I think you have enough.' So, I promised her I would buy a BIG box of CRAYONS! Then she said OK.

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