Thursday, March 15, 2007

I'm here

I'm feeling so much better. Glad to be feeling like myself again. There's so much to catch up on when your sick. I've started painting again and I can't believe I stopped for so long. I love it and hope I will continue with it. I signed up for one of the classes at ETSY labs, over in Brooklyn for next weekend and am looking forward to it. We will be making plushies aka stuffed animals. I think it would be such a great thing to be able to make one for my daughter. One that she could keep forever knowing her mama made it. Ok, probably not forever, but atleast until I die!

I'm loving Daylight savings most people do. I just think I love it ALOT more!!! I seriously cannot get enough. I think I'm just so much happier with the longer days, and leaving work when there's still more time to get things done. Not that you can't do the same things in the dark, but its a mental thing. You know exactly what I mean!

Went to Anthropologie yesterday, but only bought some candle holders...I'm not using them for candles but putting them my medicine cabinet as lipstick holders, to organize them.

Back to work I go.

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