Monday, March 26, 2007

Weekend update

I attended the 'Stuffed Animal Design' class at ETSY this weekend. It was great! I made a turtle, which I was suprised came out very well. It was a simple design, I didn't want to start with something difficult for the 1st time. The sewing was tiring! I couldn't do alot on the machine because of the alot of hand sewing. Time flew by, the 3 hour class went into the 4th hour and they were still going when I left. My daughter loved the turtle! She asked where the eyes were since I didn't finish that part yet.
Lot's of fun and something I can definitely repeat!

I took a tour of the ETSY 'labs' and office...they have a great space there! Lot's of room, definitely still in the works, but looks amazing! Such a creative place! I met ANDA...she is super nice and made us feel very welcome!

I'll take a pic of the turtle.... gotta run for now!

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