Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Country Living Project: Ghost Mirror

No one is more suprised than me to say that I have loved these past 2 issues of Country living!
Seriously, they've been really good.
I especially fell in love with this Ghost mirror the minute I saw it. And said I have to try it.
I will show my photos soon. They provide the pattern and instructions on their website.
You can use MDF or Foam core, I obviously chose the foam core. I didn't have an exacto knife, so I used a razor type tool. I can tell you that the key here is to have a SUPER SHARP Cutting tool. I know that seems obvious. But I thought my razor was sharp. So in the end, I still loved this project, BUT my edges are not very smooth. I'm still figuring out what I can do, such as put ribbon all around the outside edges to cover it up.
But still a very fun and cool project!!! Just remember, get a new super sharp exacto before you start!!!

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