Thursday, February 21, 2008

A girl named Rose....

Here she is, the doll I promised oh so long ago to my little girl. I'm embarassed to say how long it took for me to do. Let's just say 'forever', you get the idea. She named her Rose. And I'm so happy to have finished her. I loved the whole process and I could make a million of these, if I didn't have to do anything else like go to work, laundry, life...etc etc.
(you can click on the photo for a close up...... uhhhmm I should have dusted maybe!!!)

Rose originally had a bright pink scarf but when I showed it to Lil J...she stood quiet and looked disappointed. So I asked 'what's wrong?' And she told me she didn't love the bright pink scarf and so I immediately said 'no problem, off it goes!!!' Because if she doesn't love it, what's the point, right? Sometimes I forget that almost- 5 yr olds have their own very strong opinions! Especially about fashion! So we opted on the polka dots to match her little sock/boots!

I have more close ups, but blogger is being buggy the past few days. So I'll try to add them another day.

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Mallinkowa said...

Hi Rose! You have beautiful scarf. I like it.