Thursday, February 19, 2009

HELLO......Pretty hangers!!

I love pretty hangers and especially the puffy satin ones! But you can't have too many because they take up a bit of precious space in our already too small closets. I do think they are great for those special pieces you have or want to display. Or for hanging out your clothes for the next day.
Here I have embellished some pretty satin hangers with 'words' written with yarn!
One says 'Pick me', as if it's calling out for you to wear that outfit!!! The other says 'Hello Pretty'...with Hello on one side and pretty on the other!

Hangers are $8.00 each,
if you would like yours to have a custom message, email me for info : )


Good Girls Studio said...

I just stumbled in here from your Anthro blog & have to tell you that those hangers are fantabluous! Your clothes must smile back at you from them : )

Nina said...

I loved the "Pick me"-hanger. Absolutely ingenious, and a little whimsical in an Alice in Wonderland way.