Thursday, February 19, 2009

House Beautiful

I was looking through the March issue of House Beautiful that arrived a couple days ago, and LOVED this BIG yellow flower ring in there. It was from COG and PEARL and I noticed the area code was 718! So I googled them and saw they were in Brooklyn. I called and they no longer have that lovely mustard color BUT I ordered a pink and a black! I can't wait to get them.
Does anyone else think its strange to find jewelery in a home mag? : )

You can visit them at or call 718-623-8200, they are super nice! Especially when you ask to repeat all the colors the ring comes in again, because you can't possibly decide. Oh and they are only 8 freaking dollars, how awesome!

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magpiesandmagnolias said...

I found a ring that looks just like this at F21 for about $2! Every time I wear it, I get tons of compliments!