Thursday, December 02, 2010

Thursday happenings...

Well, this really happened over the weekend. This was my first effort at doing anything for the holidays. I have not shopped for a single teensy weensy present yet. BUT I have decorated Xmas balls with personalized names for family and friends! And being that this happened before Dec 1st is quite a miracle in itself. I'm that girl who sends out cards between xmas and before the 1st of January wishing you a Happy New Year. Yup. I'm totally fine with it.

These were so much fun to make, I could of kept going forever! If you trying to find your name on an ornament...stop! And you better act suprised when I give you one!
So last night was a day that was extremely windy and raining throughout the day around here. When I got home from work, I hurried up the porch steps because I forgot my umbrella. I look up to grab the mail from the mailbox and for a quick second I was so excited to see my Anthropologie box. Yayyyyyyy! The one I've been expecting with my birthday present inside that has been on back order for 2 MONTHS. My very next reaction was freaking out when I realize Mr. Delivery man left MY ANTHRO BOX...IN THE RAIN!!!! YES, soaking wet, box. Couldn't you atleast have stuck it inside the screen door! I was afraid to open it... praying that my bag would be inside a plastic bag, sealed. It has to be, right?

Well it was! Inside a plastic bag, nice and dry. Wrapped in WET tissue paper and a soaking wet box...but it WAS DRY. And I was happy and my bag is perfect!!!! I will take some photos this weekend.. Now I have to go pay attention to 'Grey's Anatomy'...apparently I can't multitask!!!!

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MJ said...

Ummmmmmm I hope there's a "Melanie" or "Mel" ball in there missy. Cute idea.