Sunday, December 12, 2010


Hello you...It's Sunday Evening and I'm catching up on my DVR'd Nate shows!!! I'm clogging up all the memory space on my DVR since I'm so behind. Oh well. I love that I don't have to watch commercials.

This weekend we had a holiday party at a friends house, Hanukkah dinner at the in-laws(yes, belated), and hours worth of Xmas shopping. I'm still not quite finished with the I'm actually doing a little searching online too.

Yesterday, I was also framing some posters and art work for the family room, which someone else calls 'the man cave'! What I really love about these pieces above are that 'the mister' drew them! (not the posters obviously) These inks were done ages ago. And he no longer attempts to do any creative things anymore. I just can't believe that he thinks he can't do it anymore. I think if you had that within you once it doesn't go away. You might be a little rusty but it's still there!!! You can probably imagine how shocked I was when he first showed me these many years ago. So I love having them hanging up in our home.
The 'little girl' and I were just sitting in bed sketching some girls on paper. She was showing me how to do it! We love having a little time together before bedtime.

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