Saturday, September 17, 2011

Good News!

Hi guys.. I've been enjoying the final days of summer. After my last post, we scurried away for several days to relax. And the other Big news for me to share is that my last day of work was September 9th!!!! Awesome.

I'm awaiting a start date for my new job. I'm very excited!! Though I wish I could report it is finally in a creative field, its not. BUT this position will allow for much more of a Work/Life balance than I've ever had. It will also allow me to be able to bring my daughter to and from school...which we love!!! So I certainly wont be missing the 3hr a day commute for sure. What a relief!!!
I will miss my lunchtime views.........nothing beats this view of the city. I took this Thurs before I left. It was after days and days of rain... and the sky was just amazing.

I had this week off...which felt strange and wonderful at the same time!!! Now back to catching up on my favorite blogs this afternoon. And off to a 50th bday celebration tonight! Hope you have some fun planned this weekend as well!


MJ said...

So excited for your new job, I know you will find the time to get into your creative mode. We have to get together for some project making sessions while the kiddos play!



Lisa said...

That is an amazing picture.

Lisa said...

Oh, congrats on your new job! That sounds more doable than the long commute. Plus you get to spend more time with your daughter to and from school. That's always good. ;D