Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thursday ..almost Friday!

Hey peeps... Thursday night, looking through my old pics.. see above in inspiration folder from RUE. Love everything in this photo...bold curtains against old brick wall, woodbeams, chandelier....really just all.
* watching Whitney right now..first time. I think I like her.
* DVR'ing Greys anatomy
* loving my new job so far. (or am I loving my non-commute!!!) I know it's only been a week, but crossing my fingers
* looking forward to the weekend
* oh, my boss and I have the same Bday, weird right?
* I'll show you what I did to make my kitchen livable.. for real cheap. quick fixes are the best.
(because it is uuuugggly )
* also obsessed with turning my old kitchen table into an Island... googling like crazy
* Picked up the new Design*Sponge at Home... with the spare change in my car. Not kidding, I had alot of coins in that
* Need to do a separate post about my trip to Target and their Missoni Debut. Crazy people I tell ya!
* I should not have had that Dunking Donuts coffee at 5:30pm...because I will be up all night!!!!

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